Yugen Studio
About Yugen

Yugen Studio has been created to appreciate beauty as a powerful and mysterious force. Yugen (YOO-gehn) is a Japanese term without direct translation to English. Roughly it means mystery and depth. It refers to an awareness of the universe too deep and subtle for words, an opening of aesthetic perception that includes the vastness of the universe itself. Of related interest is aware, (ah-WAH-ray), Japanese for the feeling evoked by ephemeral beauty.

However, these are only words. Words are not the thing, but can only suggest. A finger pointing at the moon as the Zen masters say. Language often fails reality; but a picture is worth a thousand words according to those who should know better. It is a comfort to think that perhaps they mean a thousand worlds.

Words simply tell.
Pictures show simply.

You will find on this site several galleries of my recent work. I have attempted to uncover beauty and allow it to manifest in the photographs. For more about the philosophy of my work, see On Beauty and my Bio.